• The activity duration would be one week.
  • Participation for six days is mandatory.
  • Daily activity details should be uploaded on your individual profile page.
  • The details of daily leaders of each category would be displayed on the leader board.
  • The Leader board would have daily leaders in each category purely based on the distance covered.


  • Complete the registration formalities. You will receive a receipt for the payment through your registered email address.
  • Once you finish your registration process you will be directed to your individual profile page.
  • The profile page will be updated by 1st january 2021.
  • In your profile page there will be options to upload your profile picture, challenge details and the screenshot of your activity tracker page.
  • The registered participants can use any tracking app to record your walk / run / cycling details.
  • Before 12:00 am each day all the participants need to upload their challenge details.
  • To successfully complete the challenge it is mandatory to participate and update the activity details for a minimum of 6 days.
  • Once you successfully finish the challenges the registered users will be able to download their E – certificates and E – medals from their profile pages